Dale Pope, Founder & Director of REDed – Raw Energy Dance Education

Shelley of DanceMoore Choreography has set a very high standard within the primary and secondary school dance competition scene over the past five years with a choreographic style that is intelligent and conceptual yet highly accessible to the dancers she works with. Shelley’s choreography stands apart from the rest due to it’s well thought out flow of pace and intensity, story telling and beauty. Each piece is a unique study in a strong story line aimed primarily to connect the dancer to the dance, with the byproduct being that the audience too are absorbed into the performance as they feel the dancers’ emotional connection. With each year Shelley challenges the boundaries of primary and high school choreography, becoming a well known name in the industry not only for her award winning pieces but her ability to communicate authentically and effectively with each of her dancers. Shelley always forms a strong bond with her groups, drawing them into the style, the story and the desire to convey her work to their utmost excellence. Treating the dancer with respect, patience yet foresight for the full potential, Shelley is committed to the individual dancers’ evolution. Setting an excellent example as role model she inspires young dancers to stretch beyond their own perceived limits and seek out new strengths within themselves to succeed. With an evident passion for detailed teaching and skill acquisition, Shelley leaves no stone unturned in her quest to make sure a dancer has all the possible information and visual examples to achieve a difficult move/sequence/dance. Shelley is of the rare breed who will be a long time in our industry because the passion and pure intention to promote dance positively is at the forefront of her ethos. DanceMooreChoreography is significantly more than a routine – it is heart and soul, practise, perfection and passion – all of which Shelley brings with unending energy to every dance space.