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I love using the Studio Suite and have noticed a huge improvement in how I teach and also how positively the dancers are responding. The content is level-appropriate, challenging and creative.

Melanie Cannon, Dance Teacher, Sydney NSW

The Studio Suite Program sequences are excellent. They are well-constructed and presented clearly in the tutorials. I have been teaching dance for 25 years and am really enjoying teaching the Program.

Jayne Evans, Dance Teacher, Blayney High School, ACT

Shelley moulds together her experience, understanding and creativity to seamlessly create safe, engaging and thoughtful pieces. She explores all aspects of contemporary and lyrical dance by integrating a range of dynamics, techniques and styles into her works. She can cleverly switch between delivering prepared competition pieces to collaborative works involving the students, based on the need of the group and performance. Shelley is able to explain movements and break them down for the students by using age specific and relatable examples. Shelley’s choreography and teaching style is an asset to any dancer’s journey.

Katrina Cluff, Dance Coordinator, Pymble Ladies’ College

From the first class that Shelley Moore took at Ecole, we knew she was a very special teacher. Shelley has a seamless choreographic style, with broad fluid movement and strong dynamic quality. As a teacher she has empathy with her students and really cares about their understanding & progress; qualities which are very important to us at Ecole.

Jane Allyn, former Director, Ecole Ballet and Dance Theatre