Studio Suite

The Studio Suite Program is outstanding! It’s a fabulous resource for teachers. I love the layout and stages of ability. Great value for money too. Please make another one - I’d buy in a heartbeat!

Samantha Parkinson

Dance Teacher - Redlynch State School QLD

Dance Teachers… welcome to your new time-saving classroom resource

Price: $75 including GST

Please contact Shelley if wishing to purchase the Studio Suite

The DMC Studio Suite has been specifically designed to be an engaging, creative and professional resource for Contemporary dance teachers.

ALL the planning is done for you – learn the content and pop straight into your classes! Have confidence knowing your dancers are receiving high quality, educationally-informed, challenging and diverse choreography.

How does it work and what do I receive?

  • Full program – 3 Levels (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) – 15 combinations and routines in total:
    • Warm Up
    • Floor Combination
    • Centre Combination
    • Corner Combination
    • Short Routine – features some of the elements included in the combinations and can also be extended into a performance routine if desired
  • Tutorials for all combinations with clear breakdown of movement including:
    • technical elements
    • imagery to assist your teaching/your dancer’s learning
    • discussion of the ‘why’, not just the ‘how’
  • Choreography Tips & Tricks including a full routine example with a group of dancers on ‘How to Manipulate Choreography’

How to use in your classroom:

  • Teach all combinations in the order that they appear, over the length of about 8-10 weeks; OR
  • Teach in addition to your own class content, using to compliment existing exercises and combinations

Mix and Match between the Levels to suit your dancers and your outcomes

All combinations are choreographed and taught by Shelley in a tutorial setting with dancers demonstrating.

Studio Suite 2

Studio Suite 1