Are you after a unique Contemporary solo routine that stands out? Perhaps it’s for an elite competition, a local eisteddfod or just a small concert. Here you will find exactly what you’re after…

All of these routines have been choreographed specifically to the music and the intent, with the purpose of offering a fresh, safe and unique take on Contemporary choreography suitable for a variety of technical levels and abilities from Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced.

Browse through a selection of competition-length routines in a range of thematic styles. You will also notice that the price range depends on the degree of exclusivity of each routine.

‘Unrestricted Solo’

An unlimited amount of these particular routines will be sold within a 12 month time frame. These routines are ideal for those dancers who do not intend to compete with their DanceMoore routine – perhaps you’d like to perform it at your Concert, or School event? They are also fantastic for skill development and technical improvement and have scope to be manipulated into a group routine too.

(Price for an Unrestricted Solo is AUD $250 + GST)

‘Limited Edition Solo’

This routine will be sold to a maximum of 10 dancers within a 12 month time frame. If you live in a regional area and want to compete with it then this is a great option, or if you’re a teacher and want to shape the choreography into a group routine (for either class work or performance/competition) then this is also a wonderful resource.

(Price for a Limited Edition Solo is AUD $400 + GST)

‘Exclusive Solo’

The premium choice – there is only one copy of this routine sold internationally, for the duration of 12 months. If you are a dancer wishing to compete in the major competitions and want a really unique solo then this is the ultimate choice for you.

(Price for an Exclusive Solo is AUD $600 + GST)

Once purchased, the dancer receives via electronic download:
  • Comprehensive tutorials with Shelley (Founder and Director) instructing the choreography on a dancer – without music and then each section performed to music
  • Full routine performed to music
  • Licensed music track